Pedigree of Brymar's Ode An Das Haus Der Reiteralm

Brymar's Ode An Das Haus Der Reiteralm SDX, NAVHDA NAIII

Camelot's Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Camelot's Main Attraction

Camelot's Desert Fox SH, SDX, NRD, VX, NAVHDA NAIII

Camelot's Life of Riley
Lady Kelsey of Camelot

Camelot's Star Attraction

Colsidex Blueprint BROM

Camelot's Femme Fatale BROM

Camelot's Happy Times

Camelot's Simply The Best

Camelot's Go For The Gold BROM, FROM, CGC

Camelot's Talk To Me

Camelot's Happily Everafter

Camelot's Shall We Dance

Camelot's She's The One JH, NSD

Axels Reiteralm Chica V Kasamar JH, BROM

Axel Reiteralm of Weimar's Joy CD, JH, NRD, V, NAVHDA NAIII, BROM, FROM

Dargo vom Blanken

Carlo vom Kohlwald

Ella von der Lippe

Grayshar Windsong on the Rise

Grayshar's Royal Valor

Wynwoods Rain on the Rise NRD, SDX, VX, FROM, HOF

Kasamar Miss Liberty JH, NRD, NSD, V

Tri-D's Invincible BROM, NSD

Eb's You Otta See Me Now JH, SD, NRD, V, BROM

Tri-D's Bain de Soleil BROM, NRD

Kasamar Topaz NRD, NSD, V, BROM

Kasamar Starduster JH, NRD, SD, V, BROM

Kasamar Amberly JH, NSD, NRD, V, BROM
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