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    USCH Brymar's Ode An Das Haus Der Reiteralm SDX, NRD, V
    Variety: Shorthair
    Year of Birth: 2011
    Country: United States, AKC SR69096605
    Hips: OFA-Excellent 

Hunting Results: NAVHDA NA 77/III, AKC Field Pointed

Available for Stud to approved bitches.
Odis finished his CH in four shows. He has multiple all breed field trial placements and we are working hard to finish his FC this season to complete his Dual Championship.
He has a nice fast run with an intense point and loves to compete and please.
He has also already passed his AKC water test.
Frozen semen available.
Field Trial Placements

For more info please contact David Bryan Reynolds
Website - Email
Phone: (001) 432-349-9008

    FCH, (AF)NFCH, NFCH Unserhund von Sieger SDX, FROM, HOF
    Variety: Shorthair
    Year of Birth: 1968
    Country: United States, AKC SA547651 / FDSB 805655

Available for stud on a very limited basis and only to approved bitches.
Simply put, Hunser has been gone for over three decades and is still one of the top 3 or 4 field producing Weims in our history. His impact to our breed is seen through his progeny in not only field but conformation as well. He directly produced 1 CH, 11 FC's, 5 AFC's, 2 DC's, 4 NAFC's, and 2 NFC's. Three generations of his offspring boast 20 CH's, 1 VC, 60 FC's, 31 AFC's, 2 DC's, 8 NAFC's and 12 NFC's.
As the overall pedigree of the Field Weimaraner in the U.S. seems to be becoming more and more limited in it's diversity, this is an opportunity to re-inject some highly impactful genetics back into the breed. The foresight to collect this dog some 40 years ago is a testament to the love that owners William and Adele McGinty as well as Hunser's trainer and handler, Roy Pelton, had for our breed.
In a conversation with Roy, and in his words, "Hunser was not only the the best bird dog I ever ran but the best I have ever seen." This conversation was just a week and a half before his untimely passing when I informed him of the discovery of this semen and was researching first hand accounts of the dog. Hunser ran big, real big. He hunted hard and pointed intensely. He lived to the age of 15.

If you are interested in using Hunser in your program or have any questions please contact me directly to discuss.
David Bryan Reynolds
Website - Email
Phone: (001) 432-349-9008

    CIB, ITCH, ITJCH, SMGRCH, SMCH, SMJCH Narciso Dei Grandi Grigi
    Variety: Shorthair
    Year of Birth: 2013
    Country: Italy, LOI 13/97615
    Hips: HD-A 

Hunting Results: FCI working certificate. 214/16 Retrieving patent, P.A.R. 187 PTS, Field: EXC

Available for Stud to approved bitches only.
Hips: HD.A (0) Elbows: ED (0) DNA stored: Labgen, 30/01/2015

Weimaraner Top Dog ENCI 2017

For more info about show results please visit the profile page.

For more info please contact Elena Fabbri Curzi via Email

    INT CH, VDHJCH, VDHCH Jim Beam VS Du Berceau De Bugatti KBHV15, KBHJV15, DEROSG16-17, DEVDHFJJSG16
    Variety: Shorthair
    Year of Birth: 2014
    Country: Denmark, LOF 040769 / DKK 04197/2015
    Hips: HD-A 

Hunting Results: blood track first price 400m/3h and VJP

Available for Stud only to approved bitches.
Proven stud dog
Travel possible.
Frozen and fresh semen possible.

For more information www.weimaraner.dog or contact me at Email

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