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Dogs for sale, rehoming dogs and rescue dogs

Would you like to inform people about a dog for sale or a dog who needs a new home?
Place your ad on the Weimaraner Pedigree Database, which is used frequently world wide to obtain Weimaraner information.
This will be available on the following pages on our site:

1) On the available dog page
2) On the dog's detail page

Below are examples of the listing, using Hellrud aus der Wulfsriede:

1) 2)

If you are looking for a new home and you demand nothing or only a nominal fee from the new owner, the offer is the same like above, the only difference is that I will publish this ad for FREE.

To order your advertisement, please send us an email. If your ad is accepted, you will get a confirmation email with payment details.
To order your advertisement, please contact us by "email."

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