Submit Form for Available Dog

1) ALL pure bred Weimaraners are accepted.
2) This offer is only valid for private persons - Rescue Organisations please contact us directly.
3) We reserve the right not to accept ads without being obliged to give reasons for this decision.
4) The presentation of your dog will be as shown (see examples) above. All basic info is retrieved from the database, any additional info please fill in this form.
5) This ad is valid for the period of 5 months from the date it is published. After that the ad will be removed without further notice to the owner, unless I get the request for prolonging it
6) Please notify us about any changes that concern your contact data (website, email, phone) as long as your ad is published or you think it is necessary.
7) All above mentioned data are strictly the responsibility of the owner who is submitting the information. is not liable for any wrong, falsified or misleading information as all is published in good faith.
8) The price for this ad is as shown in the list of prices above. The list of prices is part of this agreement and will apply in the current version until further amendment.